May 2023: EUTOPS postdoctoral researcher Chiara Herzog receives the Ernst Brandl Prize

EUTOPS postdoctoral researcher Chiara Herzog has received the Ernst Brandl Prize of €4,000 for her work on the development and validation of a novel epigenetic test – the WID-qEC test – for the early detection of endometrial cancer. Chiara is an integral member of the EUTOPS team, working on computational aspects of epigenetics in cancer development and prevention and in ageing research.

In 1952, Professor Ernst Brandl from Schwaz, Tirol, discovered penicillin V, a form of penicillin that is acid-stable and could be used as a tablet. His discovery had positive long-term impact on the pharmaceutical industry. His foundation still supports social institutions today and honours scientific achievements such as Chiara’s with the Ernst Brandl Prize.

The WID-qEC Test, for which Chiara was awarded the prize, uses a cervical swab sample to detect endometrial cancer in symptomatic women. The test aims to make detecting this type of cancer more robust, objective, and faster.

The Ernst Brandl Foundation ceremony took place on Wednesday 10 May 2023 in Schwaz City Hall.  Foundation chairman Michael Brandl noted that "The new method, which is already in practical use, makes a significant contribution to the well-being of people entirely in line with the foundation's idea and is therefore highly worthy of an award."

The picture shows foundation board member and district governor Michael Brandl, Monika Brandl, Ernst Brandl's widow, award winner Chiara Herzog, Vice Provost of University Innsbruck, Gregor Weihs, and mayor of the city of Schwaz, Mayor Victoria Weber. Photo credit: Stadt Schwaz.

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