LIFE and SUN Tirol

Two large-scale studies to test interval fasting, exercise and stress reduction for their health-promoting effects and to optimize smoking cessation.

EUTOPS Institute

We are an innovative research institute aiming to improve lives along the principles of P4 medicine: predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory.

LIFE and SUN Tirol

EUTOPS Institute

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The EUTOPS team is currently recruiting. Please visit our Open Positions page to find out more.

Recent publications

Read our new publcation in Lancet Oncology about the WID®-qEC test for the early detection of uterine cancer. 


We strongly believe in collaborative work.


Our research uses the epigenome to identify cancer risk.

The team

Find out who is contributing to our vision.

Clinical Facilities

Our clinical facilities are located within the Landeskrankenhaus Hall.


Our high-throughput epigenetics and genetics laboratory is located in Zams.

Vision 2040

To make women's cancer a disease of the past by 2040.

EUTOPS Institute

Our vision is to integrate cutting-edge research in systems biology and oncology to enable real-world implementation of the concepts of P4 medicine (predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory) and drastically reduce cancer mortality.

Meet the Team

We are a dynamic and international team with wide range of expertise.